My Rug designs have been about using the natural organic colours found in the surroundings. I find inspiration from all outside elements. Predominantly from landscape views and found objects in their natural surroundings. The magnetism has also been about geometric patterns and Tessellation's. I am more drawn towards the natural untouched places where the impact from humans has been less evident on the Landscape.

Great attention to detail and care is taken to ensure you receive a personal service that is over seen in house and Handmade in England. You can choose from a designed collection or commission a bespoke Rug. The wool colours can be match to your requirements and Rugs made to a required size. The Rugs are Hand Tufted using a Hoffman Rug Gun and backed with latex that is non degradable ensuring longevity to pass on to the generations to come.


To de-stress people and reconnect with the beauty of nature


Designer statement

Anita bell